about us

Past, present, future

Shouder was established in 1991 for producing hygienic faucets while aiming to manufacture quality products and earn the satisfaction of both domestic and foreign clients. Shouder relies on attention to details such as durability and aesthetics, and state of the art engineering which have led to the name of Shouder being prominent.

Because Details Matter

Attention to details signifies the evolution of aesthetics, engineering, harmony in design, and durability. Nevertheless, attention to details is only the first step. In the third millennium with the increasing importance of saving water and progressive technologies, Shouder is aware of the market conditions and costumer demands and employs advanced technology, fashionable design, quality manufacture, and attention to details, after-sales services, technical training and attempts to maximum customer satisfaction in order to stand shoulder to shoulder with prominent global brands.

Producing the most functional, durable, aesthetical products according to customer demand

Today, Shouder has taken a long step relying on the experiences of the past to produce the most functional, durable, and beautiful products according to customer demands. Supported by German design and Iranian manufacture, it attempts to elevate the quality of Iranian faucet products.